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African Mud Cloth - AD0037

African Mud Cloth - AD0037



Textiles express the individuality of a place in a way that is completely unique. Our collection of handcrafted West African mud cloths other wise known as bògòlanfini reflects the centuries-old art of mud dyeing cotton and embellishing it with distinctive tribal patterns. 

Local artisans bathe strips of cotton in natural dye’s and dry them in the sun before stitching them together to form a rectangle. They then hand paint traditional geometric motifs using fermented river mud. The geometric markings often tell a story. Woven and dyed by hand, no two pieces are exactly alike. 

Use this for your next project or as-is: hung on a wall, on the bed, or over the back of a couch

*they should be cold washed with a gentle detergent before use

*washing instructions: dry clean or wash alone in cold water (as it may bleed) and hangto dry

*Each cloth will have inconsistencies and imperfections. Sometimes there may be areas where the stitching has come undone. 

*the size is apprx. please contact for exact measurements

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