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About Us

“If you love something, it will work. That’s the only real rule.”

Some Of A Kind
Some of a Kind helps you to bring the uniqueness and beauty of the world's cultures into your home through a carefully curated selection of handmade textiles and decor. We are the online marketplace for creating a home with life, with colour, and with stories to tell. Let us help you discover the richness of texture and the playfulness of patterns. Find out how our unique combination of easygoing California style mixed with Scandinavian sensibilities can work in your home.

Origin of Goods

Isa and Lisanne

Isa & Lizanne
Some of a Kind is our fifth child, borne of necessity during the construction of our new homes. So close that we can 'cheers' each other from the front porch, the blank palettes of our empty rooms were crying out for our cultivated mix of bold, eclectic, and playful textiles. We craved decor that showcased our personalities; we dreamt of the markets in Morocco and Turkey, and spent hours treasure hunting. With a background in fashion and costume design, we developed Some of a Kind as a one-stop-shop for rare, vintage, and unique pieces from around the world. Travelling the world in search of the perfect pillow is not a reality for most - Some of a Kind does the legwork for you, providing a well-travelled aesthetic for your home while ensuring your decor meets high standards of ethical production and fair trade. We believe in the power of the home and the role that textures and colours play in creating a space that enriches your life. We are mothers, neighbours, friends, artists, wanderers, wine lovers and gypsy souls, hoping to show you the beauty of outside-of-the-box design.